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AREVA's mining activities

Underground mine, control room. Akouta. Cominak. Niger

AREVA covers the activities of exploration, extraction and processing of uranium ore, as well as the reclaiming and monitoring of sites after they have been mined. After new uranium deposits have been indentified, the ore is extracted using various methods: open-pit mining, underground mining or in-situ recovery. The ore is then processed in plants near the extraction sites.

The Muyunkum plant in Kazakhstan

The first stage in AREVA's mining activities, exploration consists of identifying new uranium deposits. Viability must then be verified.


Publication of 2015 AREVA Mines CSR report


Publication of 2015 AREVA Mines CSR report

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Inauguration of the Uranium Pavilion at the National Museum, a symbol of the long-standing partnership between AREVA and the state of Niger

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Photograph of the underground mine at McArthur River (Canada)

Ore extraction is carried out using different techniques. Every effort is made to guarantee staff safety.

Ore processing at Cominak in Niger

Once extracted, uranium ore is transported to a processing plant. We then obtain concentrated uranium, or "yellow cake".

View of a redeveloped site where we see a stretch of water

This industrial activity requires specialized know-how. The French government entrusted AREVA with upgrading all such sites across the country.

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2015 AREVA Mines CSR Report