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The Back End Operations in brief

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The Back End activity offers industrial solutions to reduce nuclear power’s environmental footprint. AREVA is a world leader in the recycling field in particular, which involves recovering recyclable materials from used fuel and fabricating new fuels for use in reactors.

Goals and outlook

To build on recognized nuclear and industrial safety expertise

To assert leadership in used fuel recycling

To expand its presence in the cleanup and dismantling market, especially internationally

To participate in the development of new recycling platforms

To develop products and services for the shipment of nuclear materials and fuel

Synergistic Business Units

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The Recycling Business Unit makes nuclear power a recyclable energy, with valuable uranium and plutonium recovered from used fuel for reuse in new MOX fuel for nuclear power reactors. AREVA has a very large technological and industrial lead in recycling and has set the standard in this field worldwide.


International Projects

To deploy its recycling know-how internationally, AREVA works with countries that have or seek to develop infrastructure in the back end of the cycle sized for their reactor fleets, including the United States, Japan, China, Russia and, longer term, India.


Dismantling and Development

This business unit manages facility and equipment cleanup operations and dismantles the AREVA group’s nuclear facilities. AREVA works at both French and foreign sites, whether for the dismantling of the Group’s facilities or for those of its customers.



The Logistics Business Unit designs and manufactures casks to ship and store nuclear materials. It also provides nuclear materials shipping services to the entire AREVA group as well as to external customers.



The Cleanup Business Unit offers maintenance and repair services in nuclear environments. It also serves as the operating contractor for waste management facilities.

An international market

Sale revenue 2014

A number of countries are planning to recycle their used fuel, or are interested in that option. Several of them, seeking to deploy large-scale nuclear power programs, are turning to the technology of recycling, which contributes significantly to energy self-sufficiency and acceptability.

Other countries with important investment in nuclear infrastructure, such as China, want to have their own facilities.

Back-end activities around the world