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Back-end activity records

The Melox plant. Bagnols-sur-ceze, France.

The Back-end activities represent 13% of the AREVA group's sales revenue. They are primarily based on recycling and the evaluation of used fuels. From waste management, through to the transportation of fuel or vitrified residues to the recycling of reusable materials, AREVA provides its power company clients the world over with its knowledge and expertise.

General view of the AREVA treatment plant at the Marcoule site

Recycling used fuel is one of the key aspects of the nuclear industry. AREVA is at the cutting edge of this closed cycle technology.


A new technology developed by the CEA and AREVA for the vitrification of high-level radioactive waste.

Loading fuel assemblies

The transport of vitrified wastes to Germany lies in the framework of the contracts signed between AREVA and the German power companies.

Beznau nuclear power plant in Switzerland

With sustainable development in mind, Switzerland opted for used fuel recycling.


Find out more information about the transport of MOX fuel from France to Japan.

Unloading of a boat transporting used fuel casks

The first maritime shipment of research reactor used fuel from Australia to France initiates a new partnership between ANSTO, and the French AREVA NC.

Return of vitrified residue to Japan in transport casks

Return shipment of vitrified residues from France to Japan

The return of vitrified residues to Japan lies in the framework of the contracts signed between AREVA NC and the 10 Japanese power companies.

Back-end activities around the world
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