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Recycling used fuel

An operator in the &uot;furnace&uot; room at Melox, a MOX fuel fabrication plant

AREVA occupies a leading international position in the field of spent fuel recycling. The company contributes to the sustainable management of spent fuel by recycling all recyclable materials and packaging radioactive waste in a safe and stable manner

Used fuel recycling in La Hague (France)

Used fuel is removed from the reactor and reprocessed. It is then reused in the manufacture of new recycled MOX or URT fuel.

An AREVA interim storage pit for used fuel in La Hague

Reprocessing used fuel results in a five-fold reduction in the volume of end-waste and ten-fold reduction in its radiotoxicity.

Man carrying out visual checks on rods at Melox, a MOX fuel fabrication plant

AREVA has developed solutions in order to achieve a spent fuel recycling rate of 96 %. The uranium and plutonium recovered from the fuel is used to manufacture new fuels such as MOX.


Recycling and new reactors: AREVA advantages

While the world’s new energy yield is bringing about the nuclear power revival, the technologies for recycling spent fuel and the emergence of generation III (and soon generation IV) reactors today make AREVA a world leader on this market. Status report.


International Nuclear Recycling Day

Organized by AREVA, the second International Nuclear Recycling day held on February 16, 2012 in Brussels and gathered around 200 attendees coming from 15 different countries. This event was an opportunity to discuss solutions for used fuel recycling.

used fuel recycling

Working in collaboration with TNS Sofres, AREVA has conducted a survey in seven countries to gain a clearer understanding of perceptions about used nuclear fuel.

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