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AREVA's Back End activities

AREVA liquid waste treatment plant at the Marcoule facility

The Back End activity is based on the end of cycle management of used fuel and the rehabilitation of nuclear facilities at the end of their service life. Its activities are based around 4 main thrusts: recycling, logistics, cleanup and nuclear site value development. These activities represent 19% of the group's revenues.

Operator. Melox - a MOX fuel fabrication plant . Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France

The Recycling business consists of extracting fresh energy resources using nuclear used fuels.

Locations for the storage of packaging for the transportation of used fuel

AREVA is the world leader for the design of specialized equipment and packaging and for the transportation of nuclear materials at all stages in the cycle.

A man carrying out cleanup at a MOX fuel fabrication facility

The business unit provides operators with global services, allowing them to work in a safe and clean nuclear environment.

Installation of a cleanup air lock at the AREVA site at Cadarache

The final stage in the life cycle of nuclear facilities is value development at the end of their service life, a major challenge for the nuclear industry.


AREVA is currently involved in a number of major recycling technology projects in collaboration with its international partners.

Back-end activities around the world
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used fuel recycling

Working in collaboration with TNS Sofres, AREVA has conducted a survey in seven countries to gain a clearer understanding of perceptions about used nuclear fuel.