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AREVA to launch a new €3M round of its "Energy Experts" advertising campaign on March 27, 2005

Press release


March 24, 2005

AREVA will be back in the press and on TV between March 27 and April 17, 2005, in the latest round of its “Energy Experts” corporate advertising campaign.

This operation, a continuation of 2004's two ad campaigns, aims to bolster AREVA's growing brand image* and build awareness of its energy activities among the general public and opinion leaders.

AREVA has chosen to capitalize on the highly successful 45-second TV commercial, whose dynamic storyline, played out against the music “FunkyTown”, captivated a large majority of people in France, scoring a general public approval rating of 86%.

AREVA also wishes to continue educating people about what it does, which is why its new operation includes four all-new press advertisements, each one presenting an in-depth look at the group's four Divisions: Front-End, Reactors and Services, Back-End, and electricity Transmission and Distribution.

In February 2005, AREVA's “Energy Experts” campaign took top honors at the TOP COM corporate advertising awards in Paris, organized by communications professionals. The prize was given in recognition of the fun and educational approach that AREVA adopted to present is energy business, as well as the visual and musical originality of the campaign, which broke new ground in corporate advertising.

According to Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Executive Vice President of Communications and AREVA spokesman, "This new ad campaign will bolster the group's brand image. It shows the solutions AREVA offers its customers to enable them to meet their main strategic challenges: keeping raw material consumption down, curbing climate change and distributing electricity through reliable systems".

* Between March and November 2004, AREVA's public awareness went up 18 points to 41%, while reaching 92 % among opinion leaders (TNS Sofres).

Technical information

  • Advertising agency: Euro RSCG C&O
  • Ad space purchasing agency: MPG International
  • Net ad space purchasing budget: €2,925,000 (€1,425,000 for press, €1,500,000 for TV)
  • Graphic designer: H5 45-second film and press ad designed in 2D and 3D versions.
  • Music: "FunkyTown" by Lipps Inc.
  • Media plan: Campaign to be rolled out in French national and regional press, with more than 100 ads appearing in 29 titles, and on all terrestrial French TV channels (100 ads aired in total), as well as on cable and satellite channels.

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