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Dialog and Consensus Building: Comité 21 and AREVA issue a summary of the second Stakeholders Session

News brief


July 17, 2007

A summary of the second Stakeholder Session, drafted by Comité 21, is now available.

This second consultation with a panel of external stakeholders aims at better taking into account the expectations of civil society in the group's strategy, and improving our work and commitments in the field of sustainable development.

As with the first session in 2005, AREVA asked Comité 21 to act as independent middleman and organize the process of this second Stakeholders Session. AREVA wants to stay one of the leading industrial actors, in terms of dialogue with stakeholders. Indeed, AREVA was the first member of the Comité 21 to organize this kind of consultation and to monitor the implementation of its commitments, thanks to a second session.

Regarding the external stakeholders, Comité 21 chose around fifteen different organizations representing NGOs in the fields of environmental protection, North-South development, solidarity and human rights, as well as social and economic agencies.

For AREVA, the group's main functional departments were asked to participate, including the Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement, Strategy, Communications, Financial Communications, Research and Innovation, Legal, Purchasing, Human Resources, International & Marketing, and Safety, Health and Security departments, as well as the Mining and Renewable Energies Business Units.

The summary of the second Stakeholders Session presents:

  • the issues discussed during the meetings,
  • the actions undertaken since the first session,
  • the lines of progress for the future.

More about Comité 21

Comité 21 is a French non-profit association set up in 1994 to help France turn the commitments it made at the Rio Earth Summit into concrete actions. Today Comité 21 has more than 380 members divided into various categories: companies, local authorities, associations, public utilities and the media, personalities and ex officio members devoted to environmental protection, fair trade, education in sustainable development or international solidarity.