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Nominations Philippe GARDERET and Alain BUCAILLE

News brief


January 17, 2006

  • Philippe Garderet has been appointed Scientific Vice President. He will in particular be in charge of the ITER project for the group.

  • Alain Bucaille has replaced Philippe Garderet as Senior Vice President in charge of Research and Innovation.

These appointments are effective as of January 16, 2006.

Biographical Information

Philippe Garderet, is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, and has a post graduate degree in Statistics and Information Processing. He began his career in charge of research at the center of theoretical research for detection and communications. In 1972, he joined the CEA's Electronics, Technology and Instrumentation Laboratory, then from 1975-1991 was head of the Nuclear Electronics and Instrumentation Department in Saclay. Following this he was appointed Deputy Vice President, and became Vice President of Strategy and Assessment in 1994. Finally, in 2000, he was appointed Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations. Mr. Garderet joined AREVA in 2001 as Vice President, Research and Innovation, and from 2003-2005 was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Technicatome.

Alain Bucaille, is a graduate of Polytechnique and the Corps des Mines. He began his career in several positions abroad, notably in New Caledonia, Japan and Australia. On returning to France in the 1980s, he took part in drafting a variety of tax reforms (French Crédit d'Impôts Recherche, Taxe Professionnelle and IS), and was rapporteur of the Research & Innovation Commission for the French Government's planning office. In 1989 he joined the Lafarge group as Subsidiary Vice President, then moved on to be Vice President, Research & Innovation. In 1997, he became General Manager of Hermès, a position he held for four years. He presides over the Colbert committee's anti-counterfeit commission and, since the end of 2001, has been advisor to Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman of the AREVA Executive Board. Mr. Bucaille also teaches Social Science at HEC and specializes in the link between the rational and the emotional.