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Cherbourg court rules against Greenpeace France and Manche Nature

Press release

February 03, 2003

On 3 February, a court in Cherbourg dismissed all the complaints brought by Greenpeace France and Manche Nature (ecologist association near to La Hague) against COGEMA aimed at halting shipments of MOX and MTR (research reactor) fuels from Germany and Australia.
The court considered that COGEMA had the necessary authorizations to transport, receive and reprocess nuclear materials. It also confirmed in its ruling that MOX and MTR fuels are not waste, but reusable raw materials, and it therefore concluded that COGEMA complies with the French law of 30 December 1991.

The court also noted that the contracts between COGEMA and its electric utility clients in Germany and Australia are in accordance with existing agreements between the French, German and Australian governments. COGEMA is naturally pleased with the court's decision, which comes in the wake of similar judgments confirming that COGEMA is conducting its activities in strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

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