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Publication of 4 decrees for COGEMA


April 18, 2005

In France, the Ministry of Industry published on April 14 four decrees. (These orders implement the decrees of 2003.)

The first decree authorizes COGEMA to receive, store and reprocess spent fuel from Karlsruhe research center, Kalkar fast reactor and French MOX fuel fabrication plants at the UP2-800 plant.

The second decree authorizes COGEMA to receive and store technological waste from COGEMA Marcoule, Germany's Hanau plant, Cadarache's central fissile materials storage facility and French MOX fuel fabrication plants at the UP3-A plant.

Under the two other decrees, COGEMA is authorized :
- to receive, unload and store in the UP2-800 plant test and research reactor fuel from high flux reactors BR2 at Mol and IN2P3 at Strasbourg, SILOE, ORPHEE, OSIRIS and SCARABEE reactors of the CEA, HIFAR et MOATA reactors of Australia's Ansto and Celestin reactor of COGEMA,
- to receive and reprocess these in the UP3-A plant.