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China: Acceptance of the Instrumentation & Control System Installed by AREVA at the Ling Ao Reactors 3 and 4

Press release


February 16, 2015

Instrumentation and Control TELEPERM® XS

AREVA has received confirmation of the acceptance by its customer CGN for the Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system that has been supplied and installed at the units 3 and 4 of the Ling Ao nuclear power plant in China.

The TELEPERM® XS I&C system has operated flawlessly since the reactors 3 and 4 have been connected to the electrical grid, following commissioning in September 2010 and August 2011 respectively. At the end of the two-year testing period, CGN has confirmed the formal acceptance of this I&C system.

TELEPERM® XS is a cutting-edge safety system, adapted to nuclear I&C applications requiring the highest level of safety guarantees. It is used in various applications in nuclear power plants: reactor protection, control and limitation, neutron flow measurement, core monitoring, control-rod position control and monitoring, and emergency diesel generator safety control. The TELEPERM® XS technology has been supplied to or is currently being installed at 81 reactors in 16 countries.

“The formal acceptance confirms our ability to successfully manage complex projects from start to finish, meeting the expectations of our customer, CGN” said Jacques Mulbert, Deputy Senior Executive Vice President of the Reactors and Services Business Group.


Educational video on the instrumentation & control of a nuclear power plant

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