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At the end of the ordinary and extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of AREVA, held on January 8th, 2015, AREVA changed the governance structure, passing from a structure comprised of a Supervisory Board and a Management Board to a single Board of Directors structure.

The board of directors meets as often as the interest of the company requires it and at least six times a year.


• It appoints from among its members a Chairman of the board and appoint the Chief executive officer, the delegate chief executive officer when applicable, and fix their remuneration;

• It determines the group's general strategy, the Company's annual budget and multi-year planof the companyas well as the parent company and consolidated accounts;

• It takes up any question concerning the correct running of the Company and settles by its deliberations the matters that concern it;

• It authorises transactions of the Company and its subsidiaries when the purpose is referred to in Article 17-2 of the articles of association when the amount is above a certain threshold mentioned in the same article;

• It authorizes the all regulated agreementswithin the meaning of Article L.225-38 of the French Commercial Code;

• It decides bond issues;

• It may decide to create committees within the Board of Directors of which it determines the composition, powers, duties and functions, and any compensation for its members, who act under its responsibility.


Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by shareholders, except employee-elected members and representatives of the French government.


Chaired by Philippe Varin, the Board of Directors is made up of twelvemembers appointed for four-year terms, three of whom are independent members.

Members appointed by shareholders / coopted by the Board of Directors

  • Mr Daniel Verwaerde
  • Ms Sophie Boissard
  • Mr Claude Imauven
  • Mr Philippe Knoche
  • Mr Christian Masset
  • Mr Denis Morin
  • Ms Pascale Sourisse
  • Mr Philippe Varin

Members representing the French government appointed by ministerial order

  • Alexis Zajdenweber

Members representing employees

  • Jean-Michel Lang 
  • Françoise Pieri
  • Odile Matte