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Powerful wind turbines designed for offshore use

Windmills in the Alpha Ventus wind farm in the North Sea

With power of 5 and 8 MW, the M5000 and AREVA 8MW wind turbines are intended for offshore wind farms. Sturdy, light and compact, they entirely designed to withstand the stress and severe conditions of the marine environment.

Optimum operating conditions

M5000 Multibrid turbine leaving the production hall

  • Powerful: the M5000 delivers up to 5 MW (for an average wind speed of around 12 m/s). The AREVA 8MW wind turbine delivers up to 8 MW (for an average wind speed of around 12 m/s).
  • Corrosion resistant: AREVA wind turbines are equipped with a patented air handling system that protects the interior of the facility. The principle consists of purifying the air entering the facility and preventing any unpurified air from entering, thereby creating an internal overpressure phenomenon.
  • Reliable: number of turning components reduced to a minimum; redundancy of auxiliary equipment and sensors; compact platform.
  • Easy to assemble: lightness of the platform and rotor ; the entire unit is compact.
  • Easy to maintain: the continuous remote surveillance of the wind turbine in operation and the presence of auxiliary emergency components enable less frequent interventions and enable them to be planned in accordance with the weather conditions.  

AREVA wind turbines target the large offshore wind farm market.

AREVA designs, manufactures, assembles and delivers the turbines. A five year maintenance program is provided as an optional extra. The group also supports its clients in the development of their offshore wind energy projects.

Did you know?

250 AREVA M5000 turbines have been chosen to equip European offshore wind farms.

Technical characteristics of AREVA technological platform

Wind turbines suited to all types of usage: tripod, jacket, gravitary.

Wind turbines suitable for withstanding power grid fluctuations: the generator is synchronous to permanent magnets. It is connected to the grid using a 4 quadrant converter.

Light and rigid blades: the blades are made of carbon fiber. Their aerodynamics have been calculated for optimum yield and a reduction in noise emissions.

The innovative hybrid entrainment technology (a single multiplication bearing) combines the benefits of direct entrainment (simplicity and reliability) with that of reduced entrainment (compactness).

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Risk management

AREVA assists its clients in risk assessment and management. Its expertise is based on its familiarity with international standards.