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A global offer for power generation

Utilities have to produce safe and competitive electricity, based on a complete generation portfolio.

To answer customers’ needs, AREVA has developed a global offer, relying on the group’s high added-value products, services and technologies.

AREVA’s portfolio meets short-term and long-term objectives for competitive power generation

As one of the world’s largest energy companies, AREVA develops, deploys and supports a full portfolio of innovative low-carbon generation technologies. This flexible approach capitalizes on the group’s core expertise, as a high technology supplier, EPC contractor, and robust long-term partner.

AREVA is also able to put in place the low-carbon power production means that answer customers’ needs in terms of timeframe and size.

Nuclear is the most effective technology for producing low-carbon power to supply baseload. It provides utilities with a hedge against carbon emissions, meets the utmost safety standards and generates significant added value locally, through jobs creation.

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Nuclear Energy

Armed with 40 years experience, AREVA presents the market with a unique offer: enable competitive and safe electricity production with controlled costs.