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Preparing sites to host new projects

MOX fuel production plant in Cadarache

AREVA is able to support its clients in their dismantling projects and the rehabilitation of sites no longer in operation. Its strengths: competitive solutions (costs and implementation deadlines), knowledge of project management, expertise in complex site management and extensive experience in nuclear safety.

The nuclear facilities built in the fifties and sixties are coming to the end of their operational lives. For these sites, a new stage is approaching: that of their disassembly and decommissioning (lifting of regulatory checks). Following this phase, the sites will be rehabilitated.

This service consists of providing support for all or part of the disassembly and rehabilitation projects. All within a systematic initiative to seek efficiency and optimize costs.

Upstream support throughout the entire project

Preparatory definition phase 

  • Assessment of necessary technical and financial resources
  • Research or optimization of waste disposal channels
  • Identification of necessary measures
  • Schedule
  • Approval of administrative processes and obtaining of permits etc.

Implementation phase

  • Management of facility disassembly and decontamination
  • Operation of the facilities to be disassembled (delegation of resources; site management)
  • Operational support services (waste treatment and packaging, cleanup work, decontamination and drainage works etc.).

Optimized projects

Aerial view of the Baconnière and Bastille mines in Vendée

  • Industrialized methods and techniques to reduce costs; 25 years experience, capitalized on and shared thanks to an adapted organization (pooling of skills within one Business Unit).
  • Extensive experience in nuclear safety. Safety is a delicate issue in a dismantling project due to the complexity of the problems and the ever-changing nature of the project. The group's experience in this field and its expertise in managing relations with authorities ensure controlled costs and deadlines.
  • A global offer that extends to managing completion of decontamination operations by experts. Clients therefore benefit from AREVA's expertise in the management of complex projects and site management and from its technical expertise.

International references

AREVA is currently handling the disassembly of 4 sites which are destined to become international benchmarks:

  • AREVA's UP2 400 La Hague treatment plant (4 billion Euros invested over 25 years).
  • The UP1 treatment plant in Marcoule (5.6 billion Euros invested over 30 years).
  • The MOX fuel production plant in Cadarache (120 million Euros invested over 6 years).
  • The fuel production plants at Annecy and Veurey (60 million Euros over 5 years)

Dismantling, a company challenge

The Nuclear Site Value development Business Unit has unique expertise and an industrial organization which allows the sites to be rehabilitated for a lasting future.

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Decontamination facilities

AREVA handles operation of decontamination facilities for its clients. Customers are then free to focus on their core business.

Nuclear site value development

Value development of facilities at the end of their service life is the final stage in their life cycle. A major challenge for the nuclear industry.