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A wide line of fuel assemblies

Nuclear fuel assemblies

The range of fuel assemblies offered by AREVA adapts to all types of light water reactors.  This range includes a variety of fuels: natural uranium, MOX and ERU.

AREVA offers its clients a line of assemblies for all types of boiling water- or pressurized water reactors. The assemblies offered include:

  • Natural uranium (UO2),
  • MOX, a mixture of depleted uranium and plutonium,
  • Enriched recovered uranium (ERU).

The advantages of the AREVA product line

  • Reliable and high-performance products present high thermal-hydraulic yields.
  • A secure supply thanks to industrial capacities adapted to client needs.   
  • Excellent knowledge of modern technologies and high-performance at every stage of the production cycle

Natural enriched uranium assemblies

UO2 pellets

Benefit from AREVA's know-how and a secure turnkey supply.

MOX assemblies

Melox plant, Bagnols-sur-ceze, France.

Portfolio diversification with a high-performance product obtained through recovery.

Recycled and re-enriched uranium assemblies

Pellets during a visual inspection

Tapping the potential of spent fuel stocks.

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AREVA's Fuel business unit designs, manufactures, and commercializes fuel assemblies intended for nuclear reactors.