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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Solutions

Guide tubes for fuel assemblies

With 40 years of experience in the nuclear sector, AREVA presents the market with a unique offer: to enable safe and competitive electricity production with controlled costs.

It meets the needs of electricity utility providers to streamline and control their overhead costs, and enables them to achieve their objectives for safety, performance and competitiveness.

Fuel cycle management solutions. The range offered covers the entire fuel cycle, front end and back end: extraction, conversion, enrichment, manufacture and recycling, as well as logistics services. This broad portfolio fulfills the following customer requirements:

  • Make their procurement more secure
  • Reduce fuel cycle costs
  • Manage used fuel and waste

Makeup of the Nuclear Cycle range of products and services

Fuel cycle management

Fuel cycle management

AREVA offers a series of fuel assemblies, as well as an array of services: packaging design/manufacture, transport, recovery and valuation.

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