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My Mobility: a key element in development

Female AREVA employee rolling a map in the desert

Mobility is a powerful lever of professional development, and is therefore a priority for the group. It allows employees to influence their career paths by discovering new outlooks, both geographical and professional. AREVA actively encourages mobility in three ways.

Traditional internal mobility

Hundreds of positions are always available, in France and throughout the world. Priority is given to existing employees for all new positions.

International mobility

This offers incredible career opportunities. The AREVA group currently has 900 expatriate employees throughout the world.

AREVA professions

This innovative system helps employees working in support roles to evolve towards the group’s key activities. Tailored training programs enable employees to develop the right skills for new positions.


Changing perspectives to move forward through mobility

Through its different businesses and facilities throughout the world, AREVA offers its employees numerous opportunities for change. Vacant positions are the subject of publications within the group, and all mobility is followed up so that progression is a truly enriching experience.