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Our professions: Designing and inventing

An AREVA work site

The technical skills required of AREVA employees in the field of engineering are varied, and include mechanics, metallurgy, nuclear and thermohydraulics.

The role of these employees is to invent new solutions for the design of equipment and facilities.


  • Helping to design equipment
  • Carrying out technical research
  • Developing calculation methods and modes
  • Designing facilities
  • Managing projects
  • Preparing the next generation of equipment, plants and technologies


  • Engineering: research, design, technology and measuring tools, operating methodology
  • Research/methods: development and improvement of products and processes, start-up of production
  • Project management: contracting, solution integration, steering and supervision of industrial projects
  • Laboratory: laboratory tests, process monitoring and tests, final tests
  • R&D: technological monitoring, mining exploration, research and development of new applications