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Our professions: Improving and protecting

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AREVA’s activities require adherence to the most stringent standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection. Technicians and quality engineers, occupational safety experts and health professionals play an important role in the group and contribute to its overall performance.


  • Ensuring that safety, security, radiation protection and health requirements are respected
  • Preserving the environment
  • Preventing risks for employees and the public
  • Implementing ongoing progress procedures


  • Safety in the workplace: safety representatives, safety specialists
  • Health: doctors, biologists, ergonomists, occupational psychologists
  • Safety: protection of sites and information, emergency response
  • Nuclear safety and industrial security: operating security engineers
  • Environment: environmental management, waste management
  • Quality and continuous improvement: product quality, quality control
  • Nuclear material control: nuclear material management


Jean-Christophe, Mechanical Calculation Engineer

Jean-Christophe is in charge of a team of engineers. Their mission is to make calculations to verify the safety of the group's industrial installations. In collaboration with the others experts, he guarantees the earthquake-resistant standards are respected when the large mechanical components are assembled.


Environmental protection in La Hague (France)

AREVA is a partner to four environmental protection organizations near to its La Hague facility, in Manche. Their initiatives concern the study of cetaceans, the preservation of fauna and flora, or knowledge relating to natural environments. Walk with commentary.