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International work and research placements: Unique opportunities

Technician in a mining site

AREVA takes special care of voluntary international placements (VIE, in French). Every year the Group offers around forty missions spread across the 17 countries where it operates. It's an opportunity both to acquire an international vision and to discover our wide range of professional skills.

AREVA offers you the chance to get involved in the projects of a worldwide energy expert. You'll enjoy advantageous conditions which will turn your mission into a unique experience.

A one-of-a-kind experience

AREVA confers significant responsibilities on its international volunteers. You might work in the field with our project teams in Finland or China.

Or you might enjoy the fulfilling experience of developing professional networks with our subsidiaries in Germany or the USA. Or it might be an educational experience, helping to develop mining projects on our sites in Namibia, Mongolia or Kazakhstan.

Your voluntary placement will give your international career the best possible start. And every year a dozen or so young graduates join AREVA straight after their voluntary international placement.


Bernard Tigoulet, project director Mines (France)

Bernard Tigoulet designs installations that will make it possible to put mining sites into production around the world, from ore extraction to packaging. A former technician turned engineer, he has benefitted from the internal mobility opportunities within AREVA.


Brittany Smith, systems engineer, Lynchburg (USA)

Brittany Smith directs engineering projects in Lynchburg, in a unit in charge of designing furnishings for nuclear steam supply systems. Her work also involves creating and revising technical documentation. On a daily basis, this young graduate relies on internal skills transfer.

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