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My development: Become an active force in your career!

AREVA University

AREVA wants you to be the driving force behind your professional development. The group gives you the means to achieve your objectives, develop your skills and shape your career as it evolves. We encourage a positive working environment that encourages mobility and facilitates performance. We offer reward and recognition for enterprising individuals and those who achieve results.

Enhancing your performance

We have a number of procedures to help everyone fulfill their potential.

  • Skills assessment takes place through ongoing communication between employee and manager, and through the yearly appraisal. Many opportunities are provided to develop skills through training, professional development, mentoring, and special projects.
  • The People Review, a yearly collegial meeting between management and human resources, serves to review the abilities of employees.
  • Career Committees, held two or three times a year for each activity, aimed at encouraging individual development and taking into account employees’ mobility requirements.
  • Individual Development Plans define development actions and objectives, and the means of achieving them.

Progressing through training

AREVA undertakes to provide an average of 30 hours of training a year per employee in the group's key activities. This takes the form of:

  • “DIF” or individual rights to training;
  • the Training Passport (supporting professional development);
  • the AREVA University (training for engineers, managers and executives).


Training to achieve business and career success

AREVA provides its teams with the means to acquire new skills, in addition to initial training or for progressing towards a new position. Within the group, professional development also takes place through the transfer of skills between employees.


Bernard Tigoulet, project director Mines (France)

Bernard Tigoulet designs installations that will make it possible to put mining sites into production around the world, from ore extraction to packaging. A former technician turned engineer, he has benefitted from the internal mobility opportunities within AREVA.