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Our commitments: Diversity, core component of AREVA’s policy

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Diversity is a key performance driver: it broadens the exchange of ideas and skills, brings together different views, and is a source of innovation. Believing in and committing to a world without discrimination means acquiring the means to accomplish this long-term work.

1. The principles

AREVA defined four major areas for development of its diversity policy.

  • Including disabilities through retention in employment, recruitment, integration, site accessibility, training…
  • Promoting gender balance through recruitment, equal access to career paths and opportunities for career development…
  • Valuing experienced employees and age diversity through training, mobility, prevention of difficult work conditions…
  • Encouraging social, ethnic and cultural diversity through the hiring policy and by fighting discrimination…

    Several topics have joined these four areas: work-life balance, parenthood support, respect for all religions…

2. The players

The group’s diversity policy is implemented, promoted and defended by the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Department. Under its responsibility, liaison officers act to coordinate activities at a local level so that everyone gets involved to make diversity a reality.

  • The Diversity and Equal Opportunities Department

    Since 2010, a director has established, led and overseen deployment of the diversity policy. At his side, four managers coordinate the various components of the diversity policy.

  • The Diversity network

    AREVA has set up a network of local diversity liaison officers. Involved on a daily basis in diversity issues, their initiatives at the local level and their sharing of best practices are bringing the policy to life for employees. The network is a key factor for success.